"Fatto a mano con amore"

Each piece of the collection is handmade in the workshop of Mario and Otello, in the purest respect of the tradition of the ceramists of the Florence area.

The workshop has existed for several decades. It combines regional know-how with modern techniques that enhance the work of artists.

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manufacturing italian ceramics by Molleni Home
manufacturing process of Italian pottery - molleni home ceramics

Step 1


The first step in making our plates is to turn and shape the clay into the desired shape.

Complex pieces are entirely hand-modeled while others are made from molds.

The resulting cookie (yes, we call it like that) is then dried and put into the oven for its first firing at 1000°C.

Step 2


After the initial baking is done, the next important step is decorating.

In this photo Mario the painter is working on our Reggio Emilia design with the pasta plate shape.

This step requires great precision and mastery in mixing colors with powdered enamel. So each piece has its own uniqueness.

hand painted italian ceramics by molleni home
manufacturing italian ceramics by Molleni Home

Step 3


Once the plate is decorated and painted, Otello proceeds with the enameling, which consists of bathing the plate in a solution to set the enamel.

After this step, the plate is dried to eliminate the water and avoid the risk of cracks.

It then goes for a second firing at 1000°C for a few hours.

Our plates are dishwasher safe because we paint them "underglaze", i.e. before the glazing phase.

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"Bring joy and life to your every day table with our vibrant Italian ceramics."

Olivia, Molleni co-founder